RE: Text Database Search Engines

"An answer" is Oracle's TextServer or their new RDBMS-integrated
ConText option to the Oracle 7.3 database.  Very heavy on searching
features:  theme based searching, text reduction, proximity searching,
boolean searches, synonym expansion, and forward and reverse truncation.  
They claim the product actually parses the english language and "understands" 
the text.  One great feature, IMO, is the integration with SQL so that 
the text searches can be embeded directly into the SQL statments.  Older
versions used a CONTAINS "sub-clause" within the WHERE clause.  

I've also heard that it supports at least 50 different file formats
like MS-Word, WordPerfect, etc...

Hope this helps...

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>	We are looking for a text database web search engine to be used on a SUN 
>	SPARC 20 in our Singapore office. The engine should support standard browser 
>	searching of text databases using boolean operators, where search fields are 
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