RE: Database Licensing for Public Web Access

Steve Olsen wrote:

> Hello fellow lurkers,
> I'd be interested in any comments anyone has regarding
> database licensing as it relates to the Web and a
> Public Internet Site.  
> The Quotes I've seen lately for the database license (ranging 
> from $5,000 to $64,000) are, IMO, crazy.  But, then again, 
> how do companies like Oracle and Sybase license a database 
> that is, basically, public access?
> Some sites are publishing or collecting relatively small
> amounts of data and will not spend $64,000 for the entire
> web site (and certainly not that much for the database 
> alone).  Others are publishing and/or collecting large
> data sets and have large budgets for this activity.  
> I'm looking for some constructive debate on this topic to
> help the database vendors evaluate the issue because I'm
> in the business of helping organizations build "interactive
> database websites" and the database licensing issue (especailly
> the high initial cost) is keeping many organizations from
> jumping into the game.  
> What do YOU think?
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This has come up elsewhere, specifically on a database list.  Jim Steiner,
Director of Product Marketing for Oracle's Rdb Group wrote this:

> For web access we have different business practices...
> Contact sales.
> Thaanks

His e-mail address is jasteine@us.oracle.com.

Something to keep in mind about Oracle: dealing with them is like the old
days of buying a car.  Each sale is custom-configured and negociated.  So
keep your hand on your wallet and be ready to deal.

-Tim Mueller


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