Re: Database Licensing for Public Web Access

Steve A. Olson wrote:
> Hello fellow lurkers,
> I'd be interested in any comments anyone has regarding
> database licensing as it relates to the Web and a
> Public Internet Site.

Solaris RDB Licenses have always commanded a premium, and I do not
expect that to change, using the supply and demand/pricing equation, it
does not seem that the big boys' gross revenues would move in the right 
direction if they cut their prices, tho servers are becoming more of a 
commodity and the real $$'s are in middleware (the Sybase strategy).

Pricing for NT Server, on the other hand seems more reasonable -- I 
recently spoke with a sales person with NeXt and asked him why 
WebObjects (the high end package that enables RDB access) for NT is the 
same price (20K+) for NT as Solaris -- he thought that was a good 

Perhaps the solution is a "service bureau" model, where the investment 
in software is shared among multiple users -- I'm currently looking for 
sites that will provide me with access to the development tools so that 
I can develop my own applications on their machine and then let them 
host the MY apps on their Server -- I believe those economics should be 
attractive for the near term.

Does this seem reasonable ?

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