Re: Life out there ?

I've been using Oracle on our internal web for about 2 1/2 years.
CGI scripts were a rather clunky way of getting data so about
1 1/2 years ago I wrote my own server, which I call OraGate.  It's
fast and I don't have to use CGI scripts with it.  In fact, no CGI
is allowed so I don't have their security problems.  Oracle's
OCI (Oracle Call Interface) is rather easy to use and can be used
to adapt about any web server to call Oracle directly.  We
use HTTP/0.9 protocol for populating pull down lists and other
quick queries.

I also have a version of OraGate that run from the shell.  With it
I can do things like:
for i in $(OraGate "sql=select tname from tab;")
... whatever

I now have a copy of Oracle's WebServer to evaluate.  I notice
they run a process as a CGI program.

I you're inclined to roll your own, take a look at their cdemo2.c
program for examples of their OCI.

Good luck!

> Technology is advancing and Web developers and sponsors are now
> realizing the significant role that SQL back-ends will play in
> the implementation of dynamic on-line content...
> Are there other lists I should be looking at ?
> Do we need to re-jump-start interest in this space by promoting it's 
> existence ?
> I am in the midst of preparing a white-paper on the features and 
> benefits of the leading commercial WWW-RDB solutions for the Windows NT 
> platform: Oracle, MeXt, MS ISS/SQL Server,  Sybase, Illustra, Cold 
> Fusion, etc... and am interested in opening communications with others 
> interested in the same.
> I will particularly appreciate any input from users/evaluators of
> any of those systems.
> I'm also intersted in organizing a SIG on the subject, any NY/NJ members
> of NYNMA, WWWAC, or IICS feel free to contact me to work on this.
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