RE: Database Licensing for Public Web Access

Other options to consider for resonable pricing are:

GNNserver (was NaviServer), which runs on Windows and several UNIX
platforms and has built-in functions and an API for accessing Illustra and
ODBC databases. (I do contracting for the company). You can download the
server for free from http://www.tools.gnn.com/.  (Not sure if the Illustra
part is free, or even if I'm allowed to use the "free" word today.)

WebBase (http://www.webbase.com/), which is a Web/database server that runs
under several Windows flavors and supports RDB access to ODBC through a
kind of server-parsed SQL language. (I've heard that the Illustra Web
DataBlade is similar to this.) I think it's priced around $400.

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