I'm in the process of building a demo web interface to Oracle for a
government agency.  It will run on an HP using oraperl (we hope).
We've been trying to compile oraperl for a week or so now with no
real success, progress, but we haven't achieved success yet.

uname reveals:

	uname -a
	HP-UX york B.10.00 U 9000/819

I'm suspect a beta? version of HP/US 10.00?  Any one have any suggestions?
We've found various suggestions/hints/guides for compiling oraperl on an
HP but haven't found the real clue yet.

Perl is 4.7.whatever
Oracle is 7.1

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

Lashley H. Mann II (Lee)                                         lmann@uucom.com
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