Re: Database Licensing for Public Web Access

We thought about this issue when we set up our web pages.
We went with Postgres95 (free to academic institutions) created
at Berkeley.  Slow, but it gets you there!
We wrote our scripts in Perl.

I agree, though, the price of oracle & others is too darned high.


On Thu, 21 Mar 1996, Steve A. Olson wrote:

> Hello fellow lurkers,
> I'd be interested in any comments anyone has regarding
> database licensing as it relates to the Web and a
> Public Internet Site.  
> The Quotes I've seen lately for the database license (ranging 
> from $5,000 to $64,000) are, IMO, crazy.  But, then again, 
> how do companies like Oracle and Sybase license a database 
> that is, basically, public access?
> Some sites are publishing or collecting relatively small
> amounts of data and will not spend $64,000 for the entire
> web site (and certainly not that much for the database 
> alone).  Others are publishing and/or collecting large
> data sets and have large budgets for this activity.  
> I'm looking for some constructive debate on this topic to
> help the database vendors evaluate the issue because I'm
> in the business of helping organizations build "interactive
> database websites" and the database licensing issue (especailly
> the high initial cost) is keeping many organizations from
> jumping into the game.  
> What do YOU think?
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