RE: database-driven html pages

I can, "in spades"  vouch for what Ann says.

In the interests of even-handedness, however, those of you on the NT 
platform, should look seriously at Gibraltar - Microsoft's Internet 
Information Server. The combination of the "httpodbc.dll" that ships with 
it, the ".idc & .htx" file types associated with this powerful dll, lead to 
total bypassing of the need for "lowest common-denominator "cgi"; and if 
you obtain the Sweeper SDK and use the "alpha Internet Explorer 3.0" which 
is an "OLE container". Couple this with the soon to be merging of Gibraltar 
and Exchange - via a "WWW Connector" being incorporated into Exchange - 
Then you have the makings of a "truly abstracted (from the end-user's 
perspective) powerful system" All be-it, somewhat less than robust, at this 
point in time, due to the combination being a "work under construction" <G>


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From:  Ann Lynnworth[SMTP:ann@href.com]
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Subject:  database-driven html pages

we've been doing this for months and months! on windows NT, so I don't know
whether anyone on this list will care, but if you do, check out:


we have a complete html authoring system combined with a cgi framework that
makes it absolutely easy to publish from any windows desktop or
client/server database system.

fact sheet is available by email to: webhub@href.com

we've gone a few steps past just eliminating 1000s of static pages.

-Ann Lynnworth
CEO, HREF Tools Corp.
Santa Rosa, CA