BreakThru, RDB/Web Technology

       SQLweb, a  Break Through in Technology
for Building Intelligent Interactive Database Websites

Here is the latest news on a break thru in creating intelligent 
interactive database websites with a simpler technology than what
is now available. Current technology requires Perl Code, "C" Code
and PL/SQL, all of which are cumbersome to use for the developers
of database websites.  

The SQLweb Interactive Server, a product developed by
SQLweb Technologies, Inc., eliminates the need to learn or use Perl,
C Code, or PL/SQL.  In contrast, SQLweb can build interactive
database websites with 90% less code and time.  Maintenance and 
upgrading of the website is streamlined because of the simplified
terse code involved. You can download an evaluation copy of The
SQLweb Interactive Server and SQLweb ToolKit from the
SQLweb home page on the World Wide Web (See Below)

An easy to learn extension of HTML allows for the fast
creation of interactive web sites with relational databases such as
Oracle, Sybase, Informix and mSQL.

The SQLweb author achieves all of this interactivity and the
resulting dynamic scenario using three new tags: 

The Author builds SQLweb pages applying the same declarative
authoring paradigm and tools used for static pages (i.e., markup
tags with attributes, text, etc.).  Then SQLweb easily creates the
database interactions without any complicated programming.  

You can put database information in your web pages, and you can
put webpage information into your database. The tool that handles
this interactivity works with your CGI web-server of choice.

Solaris, SunOS, and SCO UNIX versions are available now.  
NT, BSDI, and Others will be available soon. 
Contact us to tell us which versions you need.

DOWNLOAD FROM WEBSITE:     http://www.SQLweb.com
You can download a 60-day evaluation copy. 
Please enter Access Code B78452 to obtain the software.

Please post this message to anyone else who might be interested. 

Thank you.

Don Schindhelm
SQLweb Technologies, Inc.
Ellicott City, Maryland
Phone #  410-203-1999