few questions


     I subscribed recently, and I have few basic questions I didn't
     find any answer so far (I hope it's not because they are to basic:-) )

        * I don't see very well how can I transform my regular Mosaic,
     HTTPD configuration to support SQL access on a UNIX platform. Do I
     have to garbage everything because I need a new browser and server
     superseding the current Mosaic and HTTPD. ( If yes I would appreciate
     to know if they are any public domain software available and where ),
     or is it possible with the current situation and some work-around to
     implemente it.?

        * Is there already a standardisation process, to include the SQL
     syntax as part of HTML documents ?

        * I read some stuff taking about the need to use PERL to generate
     cgi script ???. what is the role of this script in a regular Mosaic
     HTTPD installation.?

     If an FAQ existed answering all this question, forgive me for wasting
     your time, just give me any pointer wiht ftp access.

     Thank's in advance for your informations.

     NB: Be aware that due to an SNA gateway the mailer I'm using will send
     you back an automatic reply if the line of the message is greater than
     79 characters.


     Xavier Oriol