Re: WWW to FoxPro

>Hi all,
>Anybody out there know of any gateways in existance for FoxPro to the

I have developed CGIs in C and AppleScript for use with Foxpro/Mac. I chose
the Mac platform because AppleEvents makes the CGI issue alot simpler and
more efficient than anything available for Windows. My CGI is very generic
and flexible; it essentially just tells Foxpro to do a query program with
postargs as a paramater, and waits for the FoxPro generated html results.
The applescript version uses only 200k.

This is an all Foxpro approach that is very different from methods using
ODBC to access FoxPro tables outside of FoxPro. With OBDC you cannot fully
access Foxpro's Rushmore technology.

Check out my page:


There are some links to web->FoxPro searches you can try out. All are
running on either a quadra 610 or 700. The 700 is on localtalk off
Ethernet, so there is a little bit of connect delay.


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