Re: Web Interface to a (free/cheap) sql Unix Database

In answer to Alex Tang's question, Stephen  Waterbury wrote:

> If you are interested in a relational (but not SQL) database 
> that interfaces easily to a Web server, you might want to 
> check out the "/rdb" database from Revolutionary Software.  
> [...]
> I am not with the company, just a user.  For more info, email to:  
> rsw@rdb.com  

Check out the Index to Free Databases, a FAQ posted to comp.databases (&
of course news.answers).  It's also available in an HTMLized version at

If you look through it you'll find several SQL-compliant DBs at various
stages of production-readyness (or not!).  There is also a non-commercial
(though somewhat incompatible) version of rdb available at

The commercial version of rdb has a nice report generator that makes it
trivial to dynamically construct HTML pages from the result of a query.
The non-commercial version will do the same, but it's far harder to deal
with (uses the nasty Perl report syntax).

- JJ Larrea <jjl@studion.com>