Sybase <-->WWW interface

First let me humbly ask if there is a FAQ for this group. In the four
months or so that I have lurked here I have heard no mention of one.

I have been asked to look into the possibility of interfacing our Sybase
database to the WWW. From what I can gather the generally accepted way of
doing this is using sybperl to creat CGI scripts.  WDB is a suit of such
scripts ready for use.

Are there other methods of doing this job?  Better | Worse? Why?
Are application development tools available?

Our Sybase DB is not on the same server as our web server. Is this an issue?

What are the security concerns?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


              O             Ariel Spivakovsky              O
              O           spiv@wotan.cns.nyu.edu           O
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