Re: [mSQL] Re: Web Interface to a (free/cheap) sql Unix Database

 Alex Tang writes:  
 > I was wondering, I want to put together an (cheap/free) SQL database on a 
 > Unix host.  I also want to have the "interface" be a web browser.  I've
 > seen a couple of interfaces that allow a user to query/search the
 > database (typical search stuffs), but I haven't seen on that provides the
 > users with full access to the database (like a "real" interface would.  i
 > want to be able to enter/modify/search/output data through the web
 > interface).

Have a look at mSQL and WDB.  Recent versions of WDB have support for 
mSQL.  I've never used WDB but have been told that it's a great Web/SQL 
gateway tool.  Either that or you can get any of the script API modules 
for mSQL access (available for Perl, Tcl/Tk, Python, ESL and soon REXX) 
and write your own CGI's in the language of your choice.

mSQL is available from ftp://Bond.edu.au/pub/Minerva/msql.  The script 
language interfaces are in /pub/Minerva/msql/Contrib.  You'll have to ask 
archie about WDB.

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