Please help ...


    I was installing perl5XX and sybperl2b1 on one Solaris machine,
and wanted to connect to Sybase server on another SUN-OS machine.
When I made "make test" following the sybperl installation procedure,
the error message is:

    unknown network type

    my interfaces file under $SYBASE is like:

        query tcp sun-ether welchgate 3021
        master tcp sun-ether welchgate 3021
        console tcp sun-ether welchgate 3022
        debug tcp sun-ether welchgate 3023
        trace tcp sun-ether welchgate 3024

    which is exactly the same on server machine. I also tried

        query tli tcp welchgate 3021
        master tli tcp welchgate 3021
        console tli tcp welchgate 3022
        debug tli tcp welchgate 3023
        trace tli tcp welchgate 3024

      Can someone point out what's wrong with this file?

      Thanks in advance,

      Dongming Zhang
      Johns Hopkins University