Re: WWW <-> DB

Ingo Macherius writes:

>    Is someone working on similar topics ?

Documentation administration on the web is a topic i am currently
exploring.  The project i'm working on is funded by the National
Science Foundation.  Our goal is to support collaborative learning
methods with the help of web administration technologies for the
school system.

>    Are there servers using similar techniques ?

I would be very interested in learning about servers that employed
methods that supported dynamic index referencing for searches and
the like. Searching capabilities have escalated the need for us to
identify the characteristics of a database.  We are now taking
preliminary steps towards managing and utilizing data (video,
hypermail archives, documents, etc.).  We are looking for an internet

I've looked into dynamic indexing tools for document searches and
found that although WAIS and glimpse do not depend on a predefined
set of indexing terms - they are full-text searchers that build and
modify a set of relevant index terms as you refine your search, they
are not robust and do not provide data unifying attributes.

I liked the global oo aproach taken by Hyper-G, however i feel it
and other imposing super structures like z39.50 are too premature to
be taken in fully.

I'd be interested in hearing more about your thoughts and ideas
regarding these topics and document administration.


Anne Tracey
BBN Educational Technologies
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