Re: WWW <-> DB

Ingo Macherius writes:  

> My plan is to store all documents and scripts in a DB. 

The architecture we are using stores the documents in files 
and references them from the DB by the use of links (or 
information sufficient to construct the links) which are 
stored along with the data (some of which could be considered 
"metadata" relative to the documents).   

> My questions are:
>     Is someone working on similar topics ?

Yes:  we and many others ....  

>     Are there servers using similar techniques ?

Our server is, but it is still being prototyped within our 
user community.  It will never be totally "public", due to 
the proprietary nature of some of the data, but access to 
it can be given to specific individuals for research purposes 
once we have baselined the system.  

If you are interested, I will let you know when we reach this 

>     Are there books or papers (academic or commercial) dealing with my topic ?
>     Is there existing software, commercial or academic ? 
>     Do Daemon authors plan to add comperable abilities to their servers ?

I don't know the answers to these ....  

> I'd like to discuss problems related to my topic with people interested.
> I just don't know which basis (in this list ? in a list I could start
> on my own ? with private mail ?) would be best.

I would recommend www-rdb ... I would suggest *not* posting on 
this subject in www-talk, unless it is *directly* relevant to 
WWW browser development (which your initial message was not).  

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