I am a new subscriber to this list so I thought I would send a quick

I'm working as a consultant at Illustra Information Technologies - an
object-relation database company,  and among other things working on our Web

We are looking at generation of HTML by the database engine , generation of
HTML _within_ the database engine, and storing HTML documents with "embedded
SQL" actually in the database.

I personally am working on the theory that the present wave of perl
interfaces to databases on the Web is something of a phase.  It was useful
at first, until the concepts and issues become more clearly defined, but it
will become a prototyping and low-end tool as more heavy duty web interfaces
become available (APIs such as with Netscape & integrated servers such as
Naviserver & Database company specific hooks).

Wouldn't it be nice to be have the tools to not have to resort to perl - or
even CGI at all... *sigh*.

The opinions expressed are my own and not the opinions of my employer.
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