Re: Informix <==> WWW

> it's also true that GSQL is so generic, it provides no back-end at all...
> so you have to write your own. For Oracle, I wrote a back-end over
> one year ago and then found there were better and more flexible solutions.
The GSQL package that I dl'd (http://base.ncsa.uiuc.edu:1234/gsqlsrc/gsql.tar)
included Oracle, Sybase and Interbase backends. The Oracle backend from James
Pitkow works fine for me. Its not perfect, but neither is Forms4 and I have to
pay for that.

>  Some of these come from Oracle itself, so... why don't you check
> with Informix?!
I'd be curious to hear what you mean by flexible. I think that if you want to
write a form interface to Oracle and you like the idea that its doomed to
become part of an Oracle product line, then you probably want to stick to WOW.
If you want to write forms for Oracle and all the other database out there, 
you should explore the GSQL solution. 

I'm not sure how far Oracle Corp should be commended for its work with Web-
based solutions. This is no longer pioneer technology and very soon if you're
a database manufacturer and dont have a web interface, then you'll no longer
considered be a major player. WOW, as I understand it, was developed by 
Oracle employees on their own time. Now, they are really the ones to be 
congratulated and not just for being talented software developers, but for
seeing the enormous opportunity that management had missed.

Just my two cents,

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