Re: Informix <==> WWW

> GSQL, a generic forms interface, is available. I didn't see an Informix 
> backend,
> but I'm sure if Informix's C-ISAM supports dynamic sql, you could write it
> fairly easily. See the below URL for details. 
> http://www.ncsa.uiuc.edu/SDG/People/jason/pub/gsql/starthere.html
> John
> groenvel@cse.psu.edu

it's also true that GSQL is so generic, it provides no back-end at all...
so you have to write your own. For Oracle, I wrote a back-end over
one year ago and then found there were better and more flexible solutions.
 Some of these come from Oracle itself, so... why don't you check
with Informix?!



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