Re: Informix <==> WWW

For a  demo to our prospects, I had to set up an application for archiving
and retrieving inages with these functions:
1) receive images and show them on a dynamic web page
2) archive images with index informations on an informix database
3) receive data from user with a web form; create a dynamic query; create a
dynamic web page with the images selected (text + low res image + anchor to
real image).
If someone needs informations about doing something like this, I'm able to
indicate all triks to set up the application.

P.S. For gio:
Da italiano ad italiano; se mi dai un colpo di telefono o mi scrivi
direttamente, ti posso dare maggiori spiegazioni in italiano.

>Does exist something to ineterface a Informix engine with a WWW
>				thanks in advance,
>						gio 
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