Re: Oracle & WWW

> Thank you for posting this information.  Just starting at this I was
> wondering if you could tell me if there were any drawbacks to using
> gsql as opposed to using C and ProC directly?
> -Rich.

I have some conflicting thoughts on these matters. I'm impressed by GSQL. I
like forms scripting language and I like that backends are available for
the major database servers. I like the idea that my forms are portable. I dont
however like the fact the code is done in C and that we seem to have
some problems with controlling the source code (ie GSQL-Oracle's code has 
behind Jason Ng's GSQL).

What I like about Oracle's WOW is that its Oracle's. I like that while its
not an official Oracle product now--it could very easily become one soon. I
like that its written in PL/SQL which is nice powerful language. Unfortunately,
its not going to be very portable unless PL/SQL can be made to hit those
other vendor's servers.

What I like about OrayWWW is its easy to use forms designer interface. I don't
like the fact that its forms scripting language is under powered and wont let
me implement joins. It does however output nicer than GSQL and the Perl is
a bit easier to read and modify, IMHO. I like the fact that it can be made to
work with DBperl instead of Oraperl, which gives it a real chance for 
portability to those other databases. 

If you can't tell, I'm leaning towards the evil solution of rewriting GSQL but
with perl--then adding OraYWWW's designer interface. Then, as DBPerl
matures, we'll see the cross-database problem resolved.