Has anyone tried the Vend 0.1 package ?

I`ve been thinking of installing Vend 0.1 and I was wondering if anyone 
had any experience. Unfortunately, the Vend web page doesn`t link to any 
existing examples. My concern is that we have a database of 50,000 titles 
and growing each day (music CD`s). Since Vend works with Perl 5.0, I`d 
like to hear from others about the rapidity of the searches performed (I 
know it also depends on the machine :)

Here`s some general info about Vend :

"Vend allows customers to select items to buy from catalog pages. The 
program tracks which products they have selected and the
quantity desired. From the ordering page they may complete the ordering 
process by entering their name and address, or return to
browsing and select more items."

The URL is : http://www.maine.com/awilcox/vend

Thanks in advance for any information,


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