Re: CGI/Perl vs. Middleware

I will also bite.......

  I tried to use Microsofts IDC ODBC interface for NT but I found that it 
was to limiting so I moved to perl and the ODBC modules. The access seems 
to be fast enough and Ill probably only move to middleware or C++ 
(hahahahah) when performance becomes an issue. (alternatively ill try to 
figure out how the the ISAPI perl module works.)  

One of the great things about  Perl is its portability: The NT-ODBC perl 
program was originally a OraPerl (Oracle database on various SUNs) which 
changed to DBI then to a postgres Perl program (on a solborne which 
wouldn't run Oracle).  Each time only the data access module was changed 


Received on Thursday, 19 September 1996 13:15:24 UTC