Re: Database Licensing for Public Web Access

On Thu, 21 Mar 1996, William Kearns MHLP-CSC wrote:

> We thought about this issue when we set up our web pages.
> We went with Postgres95 (free to academic institutions) created
> at Berkeley.  Slow, but it gets you there!
> We wrote our scripts in Perl.
> I agree, though, the price of oracle & others is too darned high.

We are using Postgres95 as well. I would say it's ease of use and the 
fact that it's free more than make up for speed. We also have Oracle 7.1 
and the Sapphire/Web gateway installed but I find myself filling most of our 
needs with Postgres95 and perl scripts. 

The Postgres95 community is also very active -- one could almost say it's 
the "Linux of RDBMSs" :)

You can check out the Postgres95 page at:



wallace winfrey
sysadmin, nicar/ire

Received on Monday, 25 March 1996 12:56:53 UTC