Text Database Search Engines

We are looking for a text database web search engine to be used on a SUN 
SPARC 20 in our Singapore office. The engine should support standard browser 
searching of text databases using boolean operators, where search fields are 
user-defined. An ideal engine would allow some sort of configuration so that 
the site manager can describe the database to the engine. Logon security and 
billing will be used. Software that processes ascii text or document files is 
also of interest. Does anybody have any experience with such software? 
Vendors, please feel free to respond to me directly.

If this question is not appropriate to the list, my apologies; any 
suggestions about better places to look would be gratefully appreciated.

Also, I have requested and received the HELP file for this list but no 
mention is made of a DIGEST feature. Does anybody know if there is one?


Bob McKercher
Outreach Officer for Asia
International Development Research Centre
Ottawa, Canada

Received on Thursday, 4 April 1996 13:44:20 UTC