Re: Oracle & WWW

>    I've spoken with the Oracle folks and I think they are really missing the
> boat in customer support by collating and distributing public domain software 
> when they are the ones who are supposed to be supporting their product.
Well, this all very new to Oracle. Its going to take them some time to learn.
I've spoken to Oracle's Internet Product manager and she told me that Oracle
hopes to release (commercial) their own Web interface solution this fall. In
fact, all the Oracle product managers at ECO seemed to stress how committed
Oracle Management is to promoting Internet solutions. Still, I can't even
beta test Oracle's WWW-TAR database interface without joining Oracle Compuserve
forum. As I said, it takes time for them to learn the new ways.

>    If you do rewrite it, please add secure inserts/deletes/etc.
Ok, when are we going to see a free implementation of Secure web server? I
can't afford Netscape's and I shouldn't to pay big $$$ to them. We have PGP
which already provides encryption and authentication. I'm not ready to do
real Oracle transactions, until I see real Client/Server security for the


Received on Monday, 22 May 1995 06:06:15 UTC