Re: Object Databases & Secure Netscape Server

At 9:02 AM 6/28/95, Kelly Tompkins wrote:
>Does anyone know of commercial based services using an Object Database
>approach. It is my understanding that Object Oriented Databases will
>provide superior data management and querrying capability.

I don't know which one you were thinking of using.  I just spent  two years
working on  real-time system using an OODB - they are now getting rid of
the DB.  You'll probably want to have  separate server talking to the DB
server to avoid high startup time.  Superior data management depends on
your application. In general I would say yes, but moving forward to new
data structures is seldom an automatic process and can be painful.
Superior querying is iffy.  The main advantage would be avoiding the need
to query - if you have to query your performance is probaby going to be

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