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I think it would be wise for you to wait a couple of weeks before making any 
decision that's irreversible.  We at Oracle are about to announce a suite of 
products that will make it easy for you to do this.  My whole group is 
dedicated to building these products and we are going to make an announcement 
in the next couple of weeks. 
If you want more information, contact Aileen Jaitin, who is the Product 
Manager of these products.  She can be reached at: 
Since I'm in Development, I don't really have the specifics on release dates, 
Meanwhile, you can peruse our WWW Interface Kit at  for ideas on how to interface Oracle 
and Web servers. 
Hope this helps! 
Katrina Montinola  
Group Development Manager 
Internet Products 
Oracle Corporation 
Phone (415)506-2874  
FAX   (415)506-7226 

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Subject: netscape secure server and a DB
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  We are thinking of setting up a secure WWW server and 
providing full on-line financial services. We would like 
to integrate a data base back end to this server. Any ideas 
on yhe least painful way to do this .. Oracle ?

.. Brian O'Shea  (


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