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intelligent DBs with WWW front-ends

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Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 12:03 EST
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RE: storing HTML inside a document object database

We are putting together a project along a similar line. I'll see if I can 
explain this succinctly:

We have warehouses of information, some to be stored locally in a information 
repository (looking more and more like Oracle everyday.) Other information is 
not stored locally, or desired to be stored locally, such as reports, other 
files and other companies information through HTTP links.

Each "entry" in our information repository will indicate either local storage 
of the information or remote storage. If it is remote, it will indicate the 
access method and link information (Novell FileServer Path and account login 

The goal is to provide one interface to not only information stored within a 
SQL database, but wherever that information is located. This also permits easy 
third party preparation and manipulation of that information, without messing 
about with the secure SQL server, or changing the front end.

We would be storing links to information in a SQL database, very similar to 
other's work.

It's obvious that we are moving along a tack which is new and untested.

Anybody with experience with this sort of work would be valuable.

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