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This time I'll include the all important info

At 08:27 PM 8/24/95 -0700, David Geller wrote:
>Been there. Done that. Now I'm looking some folks who might like to try it
out. If you saw a similar "call for beta testers" a few months back
regarding my web server I apologize for the delay. It's not that it wasn't
ready -- I just wasn't available to pursue a real beta test program. Beside
consulting, I was writing and traveling. It's getting quieter now.
>Which leads me to a new thingy I created. It's my Web Server in an OLE
control for Windows 95. That's right - one little 32-bit OLE doo-hickey (the
technical term) and you've got a web server.
>How would you use it? Right now you would drop it into a development
environment that can deal with OLE controls. The upcoming Visual Basic 4.0
will do that. I think the new FoxPro will as well. Ditto for the next Visual
C++. I have no details on these products, per say, but rest assured that the
world is moving to OLE controls. You can create your own front-end. If you
don't want to do anything I have a test container that will use it.
>So - would one of these things be useful for you? I'm thinking that you
could take my OLE control and run your web server completely through a
database. Why mess with CGI when you can talk db-to-web?
>  * for Windows 95
>  * OLE control (OCX)
>  * 32-bit
>  * multithreaded
>  * can handle a boat load of simultaneous connections
>    (I've had as many as 44 web connections -- at once!)
>My core engine did CGI and CGI-WIN. I think these will go into the OCX as
well. Anyhow - the control is available for testing. Drop me a line if you
can use an OCX now. I don't have any specific commercial plans for this
"object" right now but can certainly entertain any options presented. Same
for source code.
>Unless I learn otherwise I'm going to assume this is the first
OLE-control-based HTTP server.
>David Geller

while this may not be exactly what you want, this OCX Web Server from David Geller
works in Access 95, Visual Basic 4.0, Visual FoxPro 3.0, and Delphi 32-bit beta's
that I've got
Certainly opens up lot's of possibilities and evenually will work with next version of NT
(I've tried it with latest "NewShell/NT 3.51/SP1 combo and not a rewarding exercise


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From:  Alain Azzam[]
Sent:  Tuesday, 29 August 1995 04:05
Subject:  Access and the Web...

I asked this question 4 months ago, and since I got very little
information I thought I'd ask again. No need to say it's a rapid changing
world ... I was wondering if there is any gateway or complete web server
designed at the moment that will let one access Ms. Access databases. We 
would of course install the whole thing on a NT platform.

I am aware of O'Reilly's and Associates (thanks to Ann Lynworth :) Website
product, but I'd like to know if any other product is available. Someone
gave me the following URL and mentionned they also had a complete system,
but I can't seem to be able to connect : Any 
idea what's the complete name of this company ? (doesn' seem to be Aspect).

Thanks in advance for any help,

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