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>Does anybody have done a CGI problem to access 4D database ?
>I would be pleased to know about it,  if it is possible or not and which
>implementation solution to take ?
>I want to do a cgi program to run on PC and serving the results of the request
>for a HTTP server on it for accessing the result through HTTP protocol.

The most powerful solution is to have 4D operate as your Web server. You
can deliver amazing performance in that manner. For an example of what I
mean, check out the "Jobs Offered" database at
The URL for just the 4D portion is:

The database is a 4D database which actually accepts the web connections
and processes them. During peak usage, it handles 2500+ queries per hour
and still able to resolve them in 3-5 seconds (all of the searches are full
text index scans). Our firm developed the system for the client using our
product, TCP Toolkit for 4D.

Another demo of such technology is available at:
This site is maintained by MDG Computer Services. It demonstrates the
technology which is being developer for the release of their "4D HTTP
Developers Kit," which will include all of the code for the HTTP server
portion, so you can concentrate solely on your value-added or custom
portions. It implements all the key behavior.

In addition, TCP Toolkit is the proven solution for any TCP connectivity
from within 4D. SMTP and POP mail, FTP, Netnews, Sybase connectivity, and
more have been implemented using our tools.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. Take care


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Received on Thursday, 10 August 1995 11:40:22 UTC