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> Hi everyone,
> Has anyone used GSQL before?  What's the simplest www/oracle interface to
> implement?
> Thanks,
> Colby

OraYWWW is a very nice package if you are in an Oracle shop, it has a very easy
to use forms designer mode. GSQL is available for more RDBMS's, but doesnt do
output tables as cleanly. GSQL can do joins and allows for executing external
programs (can you say dynamic pic lists, I knew you could.)  OraYWWW will do
dynamic pic lists as well, but doesnt seem to do joins. Has anyone had any
experience with Oracle's PL/SQL product?

Whats really needed is any easy to use interface like OraYWWW and a more
powerful forms scripting language like GSQL. An HTML standard that included
tables, would be nice too. I think these interfaces are all still very young.
In the meantime, you can take a look at the DBPerl stuff available from
which will eventually allow us to use the same perl interface with all our

Received on Saturday, 22 April 1995 08:41:23 UTC