Re: feedback - styling - gray text

Hello Daniel,

On Aug 16, 2006, at 23:34 , Daniel Barclay wrote:
> You're right that your contrast reduction is fairly small.
> I guess my concern is amplified because I have been encountering many
> W3C QA web pages with bad designs and usability problems

Feel free to suggest fixes, I'm sure they will be welcome, more so  
than complaints ;)

> (e.g.,
> fixed-positioned menus that hide content

These are not in the more recent page design of our pages, and the  
older ones are being "refreshed" whenever we have a chance.

>  uses of "overflow: auto" that force the user to
> scroll horizontaly much more than otherwise necessary

I find it a reasonable tradeoff, especially since most of the text  
which is in <pre> with overflow:auto is there to be copy-pasted  
rather than read, and in such a context I think overflow:auto makes  
sense. Would be happy to hear others' opinions on the matter.

> My concern is that the W3C QA group is increasingly presenting bad
> design examples on their web pages

I'd appreciate if you could justify your usage of "increasingly".  
Maybe *you* are finding an increasing number of things that annoy  
you, but I think the design and usability of the QA web pages has  
been improving over the years. If you don't think that's the case,  
I'd like factual evidence of it.

thank you

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