Re: QA IG interest in collaboration with TSD TF re: RDF test metadata?

Hi Tim,

I'm adding, because this is the list of QA IG and the  
original message is already public.

Le 2 août 06 à 23:30, Tim Boland a écrit :
> As my action item from the 2 August 2006 WCAG2.0 Test Samples
> Development Task Force (TSD TF) [1] teleconference, I have been asked
> to contact you to determine if there is interest in the Quality
> Assurance Interest Group (QA IG) in possible collaboration with the
> TSD TF on Resource Description Framework (RDF) test metadata.  The
> TSD TF is working on tools for storage of samples and test metadata.
> There is a draft RDF schema [2] under consideration in the TSD TF.

There could be certainly interest, and it's why I have copied the list.
The problem is often that the lack of *active* resources. Right now,  
people on this list do not have enough bandwidth it seems to move  
forward the work.

I can see that your RDF Schema is based on
which is a good start.

> There was work started in the QA IG on development of test metadata
> in RDF [3].  Would the QA IG like to continue to work on RDF test
> metadata in collaboration with the TSD TF?

It would help if you could give more information on what you  
specifically need. If the group gives a list of precise task, issues  
you had, maybe people on the list will be inclined to think about  

We wanted to republish a new version of the Test Metadata note with  
an RDF Schema in appendix. It's good to have a practical example  
going on.

> Please advise..
> Thanks and best wishes Tim Boland NIST
> [1]: 2]:
> [ 3]:
> [

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