Re: [Glossary] Deprecated, Deprecation, Deprecate / Obsolete

In general, I agree with your understanding of deprecation

>Quick understanding:
>         * New feature exists that covers the old feature
>         * Should not be used anymore by producer tools.
>         * Must be supported by consumer tools.

However, a feature may be deprecated because it is useless and not being 
used - in which case, there may not be a new feature to cover this older 
one.  The goal may be to clean up the specification and get rid of this 
'deprecated' feature.  I favor a definition that allows for this 
possibility.  Perhaps a definition such as:

Deprecated feature
an existing feature that has become outdated and is in the process of being 
phased out, usually in favor of a specified replacement.   Deprecated 
features are no longer recommended for use and may cease to exist in future 
versions of the specification.

Received on Thursday, 1 July 2004 15:35:09 UTC