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The HTML validator by it self, in our definition, will not be considered a 
test suite  but a validation tool that could be used as part of the test 
procedures to check conformance to the standard (validation) , in that way 
it will be considered encompassing in the test suite definition. This is my 


  At 04:33 PM 5/30/2002 -0600, Lofton Henderson wrote:

>At 01:37 PM 5/30/02 -0600, Alex Rousskov wrote:
>>On Thu, 30 May 2002, Karl Dubost wrote:
>> > At 22:20 -0400 2002-05-23, Mark Skall wrote:
>> >
>> > >I'm not sure where the "validation" definition came from. Tying
>> > >validation to a document is way too restrictive.   The definition we
>> > >usually use is "the process necessary to perform conformance testing
>> > >in accordance with a prescribed procedure and an official test
>> > >suite."
>> >
>> > In a case of the HTML validator you don't have a Test Suite.
>>"HTML validator" is, essentially, a "Test Suite", isn't it? I know
>>that the current definition does not imply that but it should be
>>possible to have a single term that describes all validators,
>>including test suites. "Validator"? It should not matter, for the
>>purpose of the glossary, whether we are validating compliance with a
>>protocol, a markup language, or whatever...
>I thought -- correct me if this is wrong, Mark or Sandra -- that NIST used 
>"test suite" in an encompassing way, that would include an HTML 
>validator.  However the Glossary definition of "test suite" doesn't seem 
>to imply that.

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