Charmod and requirements

At the last QA F2F in Montreal (June 2002), we have discussed about 
the opportunity to make the QA Framework a requirement for the 
specifications and the WGs.

I'm right now reviewing the Charmod specification

There's an interesting paragraph in the introduction.

"All W3C specifications must conform to this document (see section 2 
Conformance). Authors of other specifications (for example, IETF 
specifications) are strongly encouraged to take guidance from it.

Since other W3C specifications will be based on some of the 
provisions of this document, without repeating them, software 
developers implementing W3C specifications must conform to these 

In the Conformance

Every W3C specification MUST:

    1. conform to the requirements applicable to specifications,
    2. specify that implementations MUST conform to the requirements 
applicable to software, and
    3. specify that content created according to that specification 
MUST conform to the requirements applicable to content.

[S] If an existing W3C specification does not conform to the 
requirements in this document, then the next version of that 
specification SHOULD be modified in order to conform.

[I] Where this specification contains a procedural description, it 
MUST be understood as a way to specify the desired external behavior. 
Implementations MAY use other ways of achieving the same results, as 
long as observable behavior is not affected.

Karl Dubost / W3C - Conformance Manager

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Received on Tuesday, 18 June 2002 17:22:51 UTC