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Minutes QAWG Teleconf Feb 14 2001

From: Daniel Dardailler <danield@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 08:32:28 +0100
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Presents and introductions (because new participants on board)
  Lofton chair
  DD scribe
  Dimitris, Jack, Dom, Olivier, Lynne, Karl, Peter, Kyryll, Coleen, Andrew
Regrets Mark

Minutes of previous telcon (2002-01-28):

Agenda items

Web site
 - if people have comments on qa web space, send them to olivier cc qawg list
 - we now use rss syndication for the qa news page, used by the w3c
   at a glance service
 Action: Olivier to send more info about that

Comm liaison
 - Lynne to liaise with Ian on that if needs happen

Tech Plenary coverage
 - we want people to attend other WG and be ready to answer questions
   about QA, inform people about Lofton prez, the framework, etc
 - we'll take on the list the assignment of coverage
   and also talking points
 Action Karl to track coverage, DD to prepare talking points

Framework schedule
 - goal to publish again 1er april 2002, with WG version 8th march
    First PWD spec guidelines, techniques for Process
    Second PWD Intro and Process

Going over Issues list <url>
 - 27: closed (using guidelines/checkpoints for maintenance section)
 - 30: closed (transfer example to techniques doc)
 - 31: closed (edited out)
 - 34: closed (done in the FPWD)
 - 9: closed (we created 2 cp, a priority problem now)
      Action on Kyryll on producing wording regarding TS archiving
 - 39: Action Lofton: split it in normative language/priotity setting
 - 49: licence for ts (cp 6.3)=20
       Andrew: issue of ts written on top of proprietary system, either just
       assertions to be used with a closed harness or a complete
       system that only works if you have VisualBasic (so closed to =20
       DD: could use different priorities so that open stuff is preferred
       but anything is better than nothing
       Kyryll: not in favor of creating another licence
       Andrew: we should write down some criteria for ts licence
       Action: DD to talk to Karl about finding out what's used
         in TS listed in the Matrix
 - 50: liability: not discussed
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