Minutes QAWG Teleconf Feb 14 2001

Presents and introductions (because new participants on board)
  Lofton chair
  DD scribe
  Dimitris, Jack, Dom, Olivier, Lynne, Karl, Peter, Kyryll, Coleen, Andrew
Regrets Mark

Minutes of previous telcon (2002-01-28):

Agenda items

Web site
 - if people have comments on qa web space, send them to olivier cc qawg list
 - we now use rss syndication for the qa news page, used by the w3c
   at a glance service
 Action: Olivier to send more info about that

Comm liaison
 - Lynne to liaise with Ian on that if needs happen

Tech Plenary coverage
 - we want people to attend other WG and be ready to answer questions
   about QA, inform people about Lofton prez, the framework, etc
 - we'll take on the list the assignment of coverage
   and also talking points
 Action Karl to track coverage, DD to prepare talking points

Framework schedule
 - goal to publish again 1er april 2002, with WG version 8th march
    First PWD spec guidelines, techniques for Process
    Second PWD Intro and Process

Going over Issues list <url>
 - 27: closed (using guidelines/checkpoints for maintenance section)
 - 30: closed (transfer example to techniques doc)
 - 31: closed (edited out)
 - 34: closed (done in the FPWD)
 - 9: closed (we created 2 cp, a priority problem now)
      Action on Kyryll on producing wording regarding TS archiving
 - 39: Action Lofton: split it in normative language/priotity setting
 - 49: licence for ts (cp 6.3)=20
       Andrew: issue of ts written on top of proprietary system, either just
       assertions to be used with a closed harness or a complete
       system that only works if you have VisualBasic (so closed to =20
       DD: could use different priorities so that open stuff is preferred
       but anything is better than nothing
       Kyryll: not in favor of creating another licence
       Andrew: we should write down some criteria for ts licence
       Action: DD to talk to Karl about finding out what's used
         in TS listed in the Matrix
 - 50: liability: not discussed

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