XHTML Tips Rant

Whilst we're sending numerous XHTML good style tips, I might as well
contribute my favourite rant:-

Stuff that annoys me includes... when people use "<h2>" at the top of a
page instead of <h1> just because they want a smaller header... I mean, use
CSS people! Other big annoyances include: lack of NLPCs between links,
tables used instead of <div>, images without alt texts, images with rubbish
alt texts, most kinds of ECMAScript garbage, <blockquote> used to indent
text, images used as spacers, non-relative units used in stylesheets for
all output modalities, <pre> used to layout text, excessive use of <br />,
weird markup idiosyncrasies such as bad source code layout, animated GIFs,
<address> not being used where it should be, totally proprietary markup
like <marquee>, <xml>, and (shudder) <blink>, transitional DTDs being used
on strict and vice versa, lack of CSS presentation and illustrations to
help the cognitively disabled where these could easily be provided (erm...
I'm probably guilty of that one), lack of support for i18n, people thinking
that <sub> and <sup> are presentational elements, links with "click here"
text, and pages with large images or scripts. There's probably some more
stuff as well.
]]] - http://ilrt.org/discovery/chatlogs/rdfig/2001-09-16.txt

Itself excepted from a mail I sent to the HumanMarkup list ages ago (and
for which I can't find the reference).


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