Re: The Matrix Additions

> Re:
> RDF has a series of tests (I'm not sure I'd call them a test suite) at:

I added a link to that page.
> RDF Schema also has stuff in there, but is not included in the Matrix.

I added a line for RDF Schema, if you have more info for the content,
just send them over.
> URIs are conspicuously absent from the Matrix. There's a test 
> suite at the end of the RFC.

I wasn't sure what to do here since URI are not on the W3C
Recommendation track (done with IETF), but then I realized that HTTP
wasn't either and it has an entry in the table, so I added one for
URI, pointing at your earlier email with a python test.  If you want
to change that or add more info, just tell me.

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