Fwd: Announcement: W3C Launches Quality Assurance (QA) Activity

FYI, this was just sent to the W3C membership.

As the announce says, we're now working on the call for participation
in the two groups (WG and IG) and on the date/location of our first
face to face.

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Dear Advisory Committee Representative,

W3C is pleased to announce the creation of the Quality Assurance (QA)

     W3C Quality Assurance Activity Homepage

The primary mission of the W3C QA Activity will be to improve the
quality of W3C specification implementation in the field.

This decision results from responses received during the Call for
Review period on the Quality Assurance Activity Proposal.

The Call for Review is archived at:


The Activity Proposal is at:


We have incorporated reviewers' suggested changes into the new
Activity proposal and charters. For detailed information on comments
and our responses, please refer to:


The QA Activity launches with the following groups:

         QA Working Group

         QA Interest Group

Both groups are chartered through August 2003.

The QA Activity home page is at:


The Team effort initially allocated is 1.3 full time equivalents; per
the QA Charter, Karl Dubost plans to spend 100% of his time on the QA
activity. This does not impact any of Karl's prior commitments, as he
was hired for the purpose of QA work. Daniel Dardailler plans to spend
30% of his time as Technical Director for the QA activity.

The creation of this Activity follows section 3.1 of the W3C Process


AC representatives may watch for the QA Working and Interest Group
call for participation and the announce of a first face-to-face
meeting to follow shortly.

We would like to thank those of you who have provided their input on
the review.

for Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director;
Janet Daly, W3C Head of Communications

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