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Re: After Life for QA WG - Some Projects to work on

From: Lofton Henderson <lofton@rockynet.com>
Date: Fri, 05 Aug 2005 13:24:34 -0600
Message-Id: <>
To: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Cc: "'www-qa-wg@w3.org'" <www-qa-wg@w3.org>

At 01:15 PM 8/5/2005 -0400, Karl Dubost wrote:

>Le 2005-08-05 à 12:41, Lofton Henderson a écrit :
>>About the possible integration of "Taxonomy" and "Test FAQ" -- how
>>did we leave that question and potential (small) project?
>Feel free to explain as it was proposed here.

Hmmm... I'm confused.  I just reread the after-life-projects message, and 
don't find anything about the Taxonomy document and/or the Test FAQ" document.

See you in Dublin,
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