SpecGL comments: C. Pieces needed to specify conformance


C: Pieces need to specify conformance
Need a better title.  Suggest: Defining and using terminology

1. P Create conformance labels for each part of the conformance model
-What does it mean?
Not very clear what is meant by ‘forms of conformance’.  I think we used 
other terms earlier – e.g., flavors, categories.  We need to be consistent.
Suggest: Many specifications define more than one type of conformance, 
where each type is applicable to a different class of product.  For 
example, a language specification may define 2 conformance types – one for 
a parser and another for documents (i.e., content). Associate a 
well-defined label for each different type of conformance.

Received on Friday, 8 October 2004 17:29:33 UTC