Final Minutes of QA WG Telcon 08 March 2004

Final Minutes

QA Working Group Teleconference
Monday, 08-March-2004
Scribe: Andrew

(KD) Karl Dubost (W3C, WG co-chair)
(DH) Dominique HazaŽl-Massieux (W3C)
(LH) Lofton Henderson (CGMO - WG co-chair)
(LR) Lynne Rosenthal (NIST - IG co-chair)
(MS) Mark Skall (NIST)
(AT) Andrew Thackrah (Open Group)

(PC) Patrick Curran (Sun Microsystems)
(DD) Dimitris Dimitriadis (Ontologicon)
(SM) Sandra Martinez (NIST)

(MC) Martin Chamberlain (Microsoft)
(VV) Vanitha Venkatraman (Sun Microsystems)

(DM) David Marston (IBM)

Summary of New Action Items:
[Format:  AI-YYYYMMDD-N   Who    What    DEADLINE! ]

  AI-20040309-1  LH  specific proposals for closure of WebOnt issues 


Previous Telcon Minutes:

Previous f2f minutes:

2.) routine business

- Future telecons [0]
LH: Extend deadline for testing survey? - April 12th? 
someone going to send mail
to chairs list thanking for response?....
...ok, I'll try to do that

March 22nd telcon - we should discuss detailed outlines for new approach 
to Ops, Spec and Test
and this will probably spill over more than one telcon.

KD: BTW, Have you seen Jeremy Carroll's [latest] email?
LH: yes - the agenda now links to it.
- June f2f venue needed (reminder)

LH: We are looking for a venue in North America outside of the US - if 
you know
of one then please suggest. A preliminary date would be the second half 
of June.

KD: [summarises last three weeks for benefit of AT]
LH: [adds more detail to summary]

3.) new-QAF revision schedule (sanity check)
         - Ref:  end of [1]

LH: Why did we say Tue. 16 March as a deadline?
LR: So people would have time to review it before the March 22 telcon

LH: If I circulate my first draft of Spec-lite - would this be a good 
starting point
for an agenda?
LR: Yes, I'll start working on it ASAP

LH: A heads up - I'll deliver something today. LR will use this to 
create a detailed outline
so everyone please comment ASAP to help Lynne

LR: It'll take me one or two days to digest it so this would be a good 
time to email

LH: I took the template which satisfied 2/3 to 3/4 of the old 
checkpoints. I wrote a
template of a typical conformance clause.
So this is a chopped-down checklist - it identifies 
good-faith/user-friendly rules -
reduced from 46 to 14. Think of this as not so much an outline - more as 
the scope.

Two attachments top the minutes in [1] - this is work by Patrick. PC 
also circulated to
one other thing to the WG - after the previous F2F. This work eliminates 
the overlap
between OpsGL and TestGL. I've only skimmed it so far - would it be 
useful to discuss
this one next monday?


LH: Two weeks from today I want to start discusion on this work.
One month later we will have a WG-only draft (on April 22) and one week 
after that we publish
our first vastly revised QAF-lite in TR.

LH: Any comments on this schedule?

KD: Its a short deadline - editors take courage! and recruit helpers 
LR: I think that initially I can imagine having lots of blank spaces 
until telcon
discusion - I think it's a good idea to recruit helpers. I may even ask 
for help
outside of the WG.
KD: That's a good idea

LH: [An aside] I see the Template, Examples & Techniques and Guidelines 
as a triangle:
A reader should be able to come in at any vertex and access all information.

LH: Is April 29 realistic to publish working drafts in TR?
KD: I think that we should keep this goal.
LH: Between our first discussion of detailed outlines and the first 
WG-only draft that month
we should fill all telcons with details disussions
...and our next publication would be end of July/start August and then 
another at end of Oct/start
of Nov.

KD: To publish a draft in middle of summer - this is not a good date 
(due to vacations)
LH: So maybe publish at the end of June right after the F2F - this would 
be good but would we
have enough time?
KD: That depends on the purpose of the F2F
LH: In theory our major activity is cutting down, so our arguments are 
likely to be about priority
etc rather than substantial issues. There are somme outstanding issues 
of substance to be resolved
- but it won't be like last time.
So late June/early July for a publication, with an extra month for a 
summer cycle - i.e. to finish
in October - in time for next F2F (i.e. publish after the F2F)

4.) major QAF CR conceptual issues
  - JC's "resolved" message [4]

LH: We still need to figure out how we are going to close outstanding issues
KD: It would be good to keep the isues in the list - as a good reminder 
of what we need to achieve -
it may help to avoid going over old issues.
LH: We should also inform WebOnt before their charter expires in May. It 
would be useful to step
through the major issues to determine if we have resolved them e.g. from 
Jeremy [Carroll]: #35 - (see ref [3])

Action: LH - specific propsals for closure of WebOnt issues in one month 

  - preliminary CR issues sort [3]
  [discussed above]

  - enumeration of the majors [2]
  [not discussed]


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