Re: QA WG Action Items reminder

Proposed update:  26 July.

Reason:  I'm going to finish editing a WG version of QAH before I send and 
ask for example contributions.


At 12:01 AM 7/12/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Lofton,
>The following action items are overdue; please reply to the list to given 
>an update on their status or propose a new deadline.
>AI-20040615-2:  to make list of needed examples, put anchors in 
>and  solicit examples from Chairs and IG, for QA Handbook by 
>2004-06-18  (deadline: 2004-06-18)
>For further details, please refer to:
>Dom (through the action-items auto-reminder)

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