Re: QAH review: licensing and branding

Le lun 12/07/2004 ŗ 15:31, Lofton Henderson a ťcrit :
> >There are several main differences:
> >- the Advisory Board has given its opinion, which means the point
> >doesn't came solely from us - we don't have any weight with regard to
> >the process operations, while the AB is the keeper of the process
> >document
> Can we clarify... what does it mean, "the AB has given its opinion"?  Does 
> this have the force of Process, i.e., conform or face consequences?
> Or is 
> it advice?  Or what?

It's an advice; I was referring to the lack of weight our decisions
seemed to have in the past; since this one is backed by the AB, I expect
people will take it seriously. As a matter of fact, though, if one
doesn't follow the proposed guidance, one is likely to lose a lot of
times in debate, getting the lawyers discussing together, etc.

> >I'm sorry this seems to arrive from
> >nowhere,
> I myself find that objectionable, given our long history on this.

Well, if you look at the proposed solution, it is quite close to the one
we produced; as a matter of fact, I know the AB decision was built upon
the work we did on these topics; they simply made a restriction on the
licenses for the test cases.

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