Re: [SpecGL Draft] D. Managing Variability

How about something like this....  (I took it from the old SpecGL)

As a general principle, variability complicates interoperability. In 
theory, interoperability is best when there are numerous identical, 
complete, correct implementations. However, in practice, the net effect of 
conformance variability is not necessarily negative in all cases, when 
compared to the alternatives. Different sorts of variability have different 
negative and positive impacts. The principal danger is "excessive" 
variability - variability which goes beyond that needed for a positive 
interoperability trade-off, and which unnecessarily complicates the 
conformance landscape. Specification writers need to carefully consider and 
justify any conformance variability allowed, making sure it aligns with 
project requirements, use cases and the technology.


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>the introductory prose for Managing Variability is missing. I though like 
>you have edited VIS, that you may be able to give a paragraph from your 
>VIS text.
>What do you think?
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