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We are reaching the end of the next version for publication.

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What's missing for now? There's still a lot to do.

My todo list (principles and GP prose apart is still long)

If you can really do something before one week please do so. If not, I 
propose to explicitly tag the section to ask the reviewers to not 
comment them.
I can also to be sure to not have comments to remove the content under 
the section title, when it's not complete with just a sentence saying 
at work. like for example section B.2 and section B.3 where it will 

B.2 What needs to conform
	At work

B.3 Make a list of normative (and non-normative) references
	At work

Lynne has section B.1, B.2 and B.3 to finish
Mark  has section D.2 to do
Karl  has section A.2 to finish.

Your opinions?

Section A.2 KARL
todo-01 Good Practice:  Provide an Implementation Conformance Statement 
(ICS) proforma.
todo-02 Good Practice:  Require an Implementation Conformance Statement 
(ICS) as part of valid conformance claims.

Section B.1 LYNNE
todo-03 Good Practice: Use examples or use cases to illustrate

Section B.2 (What needs to conform) LYNNE
todo-04  nothing done yet

Section B.3 LYNNE
todo-05 Good Practice: Start now and keep adding to it as you go.

Section D.2  MARK
todo-06 Good Practice: Determine the need for each option. Make sure 
there is a real need for the option.
todo-07 Good Practice:  Indicate any limitations or constraints
todo-08 Good Practice:  Address the impact of the option
todo-09 Good Practice:  Make options easy to find. Use tags to label 

Section E KARL
todo-10 Good Practice:  Use formal languages.
	(Do we suppress or not)

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