[SpecGL Draft] B2 What needs to conform

I don't have much for to say under Technique or Examples.

What needs to conform?

Principle: Identify who or what will implement the specification

What does this mean?
Clearly identify the class of products (i.e., type of products or services) 
to which the specification applies.  If multiple classes of products are 
targeted by the specification, make sure each are described.   Examples of 
classes of products include: content, producer of content, player, 
protocol, API, agent, guidelines.

Why care?
It helps define the scope of the specification.  It also helps the reader 
know what is being targeted by the specification – that is, to discover and 
focus on what they have turned to the document for and avoid what they may 
find immaterial.

List and describe the classes of products that will implement the 


QA Framework: Specification Guidelines defines one class of product – 

MathML identifies a class of product, called MathML processors.  Included 
in this class of product are: editors for authoring MathML expressions, 
translators for converting to and from other encodings, validators for 
checking MathML expressions, computation engines and rendering engines

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